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Some tips for new special educators

While we're waiting for our new bloggers to be selected, here are some tips for new special education teachers from our friends over at the Special Education Guide. They have a great blog, with lots of helpful information for parents...

Thanks for your applications!

We've received another excellent round of applications from some very talented new special educators who want to be Reality 101 bloggers, making our selection process even harder than usual. We're looking forward to another great year here on the blog...

Lisa: Moving fast in slow motion

The end of the year for a teacher is experienced as a unique combination of fast-forward and slow motion. The last few weeks of school are always riddled with end-of-the-year activities that are meant to culminate a school year and...

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State Convention


ASSEC 2015 will be held from February 7 - 13, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage.

Last year's conference was awesome!  Join us again this year!  Registration is now open!

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Follow this link to see our new membership costs under Xceptional membership options. School District Packages are awesome and the free webinars will help with professional development. Take advantage of the $300 savings in the new group rate.

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