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Each month, each of the four DCDD Constituent Chairs share an informational message with the DCDD membership.  The messages are designed to support and enhance the teaching, learning and performance of students with communication based disabilities.  

DCDD Constituent Chairs & Topical Posts

Severe Disabilities: Susan Bruce
Deaf & Hard of Hearing: John Luckner
Speech & Language Learning Disabilities:  Diane Paul
Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers: Suzanne Raschke

You are encouraged to read and share the DCDD Constituent Chair "Hot Topic" messages with your peers.  Please "click" HERE to see the full list of messages OR "click" on the area specialties to see posts re. a particular population of students, e.g., Severe Disabilities, Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Speech & Language Learning Disabilities and Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers.  

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DCDD provides informational support, collaborative opportunities and recognition to professionals who work with students with communication based disabilities.  

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5/11/15: A message from the DCDD President/Debbie Lively

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The Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness (DCDD) is concerned with the well- being, development, and education of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with communication and learning disorders, ranging from mild to profound, and/or who are deaf or hard of hearing. DCDD aims to provide information to professionals and families regarding (a) the development of communication and learning abilities, (b) the prevention of communication and learning disorders, and (c) evidence-based assessment and intervention practices for individuals with speech, language, learning, and/or hearing difficulties.

Special Project: Prevention of Maltreatment

2015 CEC Annual Conference & Expo, San Diego CA
 Showcase presentation is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 from 2:15-3:15, Convention Center Room 030AB
Presentation: "Maltreatment of Children with Exceptionalities...How can CEC Divisions Support the Reduction of Maltreatment?"


DCDD Past President, Harold Johnson

On May 12, 2014 the DCDD Board adopted the following motion initiated by Harold Johnson:
"DCDD supports the inclusion of safety IFSP statements and IEP objectives in the educational planning documents of children with disabilities."

Explanation and support for this position can be found within two presentations:

   April 2015: Maltreatment Workgroup Presentation to the IDC

   "Prevention of Abuse as experienced by children with disabilities:  A U.S. model for policy, planning, professional development and collaboration"

Click HERE for a definition of maltreatment. 

*The following organizations have also noted their support for the inclusion of safety statements (IFSPs) and objectives (IEPs) in educational planning documents for children with disabilities: Kidpower (5/23/14); Hands & Voices (5/27/14); IDC of CEC (6/11/14) Association of College Educators Deaf & Hard of Hearing (2/12/15)

  To learn more about this DCDD Special Project, please "click" HERE

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    Interactive Topical Discussions

    March - 2015: Providing Effective Support for Parents

    February - 2015: Providing Comprehensive Services for Students who are D/HH

    October - 2014: Collaborating w/ Other Professiaonls
    Moderator: Suzanne Rashke

    November - 2014: Identifying Appropriate Augmentative & Alternative Com. Opt.
    Moderator: Susan Bruce

Who are DCDD members & what do they want?

DCDD members represent a diverse group of professionals who work with a wide range of students with communication based disabilities.  Learn more about this group via our annual survey data.  The data provides information concerning their professional roles, informational preferences, instructional challenges and much more.  Annual survey data is used by the DCDD Board to refine and develop programs and services for the DCDD membership.  Please share this information with your peers and encourage them to join the DCDD community of learners.  

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