2015 - Murray High


Keynote Speaker -Jill Jackson
    A Straightforward Plan
    5 No Fail Instructional Routines
    Differentiated Instruction Made Simple
Managing Challenging Behaviors - Megan Orme
    Self Evaluation for Successful Classroom Management
    Red Light Green Light Behaviors
    Managing Challenging Behaviors
Assistive Technology to Provide Support - Julia Pearce
    Assistive Technology Power Point
Decreasing Disruptive Behavior: Autism - Melisa Genaux
Improving Social Interaction & Self Regulation
Scaffolding Students to Write from Sources - Sheri Ebert & Jennifer Throndsen
    Scaffolding Students Powerpoint
    Graphic Organizer
    Hurricane Paragraph
    Terrifying Tornadoes Paragraph
Accessing the CORE Math Standards - Emily Wilson & Malynda Tolbert
    Math Powerpoint
    Standard Breakdown Worksheet
Co-Teaching - Melissa Bowe & Malynda Tolbert
    Co-Teaching Powerpoint
    Co-Teaching Handout
    Co-Teaching Handbook
Practical Transition Strategies - Adam King
Executive Functioning - Patsy Milligan
    Executive Functioning Powerpoint