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The Programs in Special Education at the University of South Carolina announce a new opportunity for individuals interested in pursing a Ph.D. in Special Education Leadership.

 This new, grant-funded, five-year program is designed to provide preparation in a Ph.D. in special education, and include a specialized cognate in transition. In addition to a Ph.D., graduates will receive the graduate endorsement in transition services. We will support 12 students – 10 part-time doctoral students and 2 full-time doctoral students.

All participants will receive a)full tuition, b) annual money for travel to conferences, and c) financial support for dissertation research.  The two, full-time students will also receive annual stipends of $30,000.  Interested? First, contact either  Dr. Kathleen J. Marshall at Kathleen@mailbox.sc.edu or Dr. Tony Plotner at plotner@mailbox.sc.edu. Second, apply to the Ph.D. program in special education! Candidates must meet all listed requirements for the Ph.D. program. We will begin reviewing candidates for these positions immediately. 

2nd Annual SC Interagency Transition Conference  September 20-22, 2015
2nd Annual SC Interagency Transition Conference 15 Flyer.docx

If you are a SCCEC chapter that would like to advertise an upcoming event, please contact publications@southcarolinacec.com

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SCCEC Professional Development Conference

Thanks to everyone for an amazing weekend at the SCCEC 2015 Conference.  Special thanks to vendors, presenters, sponsors for your hard work!

Save the date! The 2016 SCCEC Professional Development Conference will be held February 4-6, 2016.  More information to come!

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