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January 2015 Upcoming Colorado Legislative Agenda

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Monday, January 26
Room 0112 Education at 1:30 p.m.

HB15-1024 Pettersen--Increasing Number Of CO Preschool Program Students. Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative
Commission. The statute currently authorizes funding for 20,160 children to participate in the Colorado preschool program as half-time or full-time preschool students. In addition, the statute authorizes funding for 8,200 children as Colorado preschool program students or as full-day kindergarten students, when combined with a school district's other funding for kindergarten students. The bill funds an additional 3,000 children only as half-time or full-time preschool students.

HB15-1001 Pettersen and Garnett--Early Childhood Educator Development Scholarships.  The bill creates the early childhood educator development fund (fund) within the department of human services (state department). The fund consists of general fund appropriations and gifts, grants, or donations that the state department may receive. The state department must distribute the moneys in the fund to tax-exempt nonprofit corporations or institutions of higher education (qualifying entities) for scholarship programs to assist early childhood education professionals in obtaining a postsecondary credential in early childhood education.

HB15-1020 Wilson--Funding For Full-day Kindergarten. For the 2015-16 budget year, the bill increases the supplemental
kindergarten enrollment so that each school district can count a kindergarten student as a full-day student. Also, during the 2015-16 budget year, a school district can include in its pupil count all students who are eligible for enrollment in kindergarten, regardless of whether they are actually enrolled. A school district that does not actually provide a full-day kindergarten program during the 2015-16 budget year must use the revenues received from the supplemental kindergarten enrollment and all revenues received for students who are not enrolled in kindergarten to expand its kindergarten facilities.

HB15-1027 Salazar--In-state Tuition American Indian Tribes Ties to CO. The bill requires a state-supported institution of higher education to classify as an in-state student for tuition purposes a student who is a member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe with historical ties to Colorado, as designated by the Colorado commission of Indian affairs in consultation with history Colorado. A student classified as an in-state student pursuant to this tuition classification may be counted as a resident for any purpose pursuant to title 23, C.R.S., and is eligible for state financial aid and the college opportunity fund stipend. The bill exempts Fort Lewis college from its provisions.

HB15-1053 Ransom--Ages For Compulsory Education. Under current law, a child who is at least 6 years of age and under 17 years of age must attend school. The bill changes the ages of compulsory education to at least 7 years of age and under 16 years of age.