A unified COMMUNITY for Communicative Disabilities & Deafness

DCDD Mission

The Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness (DCDD) is concerned with the well- being, development, and education of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with communication and learning disorders, ranging from mild to profound, and/or who are deaf or hard of hearing.

DCDD aims to provide information to professionals and families regarding: 
(a) the development of communication and learning abilities,
(b) the prevention of communication and learning disorders, and
(c) evidence-based assessment and intervention practices for individuals with speech, language, learning, and/or hearing difficulties.

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Current Endeavors:

DCDD is Currently:

Revising CEC Specialty Set Standards for Deaf and hard of Hearing - Initial and Advanced

Piloting DCDD State Chapters in Michigan and Minnesota

Upcoming DCDD Sponsored Events

    2017 CEC Convention
    1st Due Date for Proposal: 6/30/16
    DCDD will sponsor 15 sessions


    2015 CEC Convention: 
           DCDD Presentations (list)

    2014 CEC Convention

    DCDD Presentations (list)

DCDD Strategic Goals

      1. Be the broad-based unified forum for programs and professionals, supporting infants, toddlers, children, and youth with communication and learning needs

    1. Continue providing and expand professional learning opportunities regarding communicative disabilities and deafness (convention, CDQ, webinars, and etc.)

    2. Continue supporting and enhancing awareness (advocacy) regarding “Maltreatment” for children with disabilities

    3. Revise Standards for Deaf/HH teacher preparation programs

    4. Maintain and Enhance membership and membership opportunities

    5. Assist in developing DCDD State Chapters



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    DCDD Accomplishments:

    Maltreatment Workgroup Presentation to the IDC

    "Prevention of Abuse as experienced by children with disabilities:  A U.S. model for policy, planning, professional development and collaboration"

    Click HERE for a definition of maltreatment.  

    *The following organizations have also noted their support for the inclusion of safety statements (IFSPs) and objectives (IEPs) in educational planning documents for children with disabilities: Kidpower(5/23/14); Hands & Voices (5/27/14); IDC of CEC (6/11/14) Association of College Educators Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    To learn more about this DCDD Special Project, please "click" HERE

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    Panel Discussion at CEC Convention San Diego, CA and St. Louis, MO
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