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DCD Special Project: Prevention of Maltreatment

Background Information
(Note: Any documents or efforts prior to our name change August 2018 will contain the old DCDD name and logo.)

On April in 2011 the DCDD Board decided to establish the prevention of maltreatment as experienced by children with disabilities as a "Special Project" of emphasis.  This decision was based upon an analysis of existing CEC policy, standards and advocacy concerning the prevention of maltreatment.  This decision lead to presentations at the 2011, 2012 and the 2013 National CEC Convention and the publication of an article entitled "Protecting the Most Vulnerable From Abuse" in the ASHA LEADER.  

DCDD is now collaborating with IDC of CECHands & VoicesKidpower International and the Association of College Educators Deaf & Hard of Hearingon the "O.U.R. Children Project."  This Project is exploring if, and if so how, parents and professionals can integrate IFSP, IEP, and/or 504 documents to include the knowledge and skills needed to help children be both safe and successful in their school settings.  A series of documents, entitled "Silence is NOT an Option" are now being developed and reviewed for possible use in this work.  

DCDD members interested in learning more about this effort to prevent the maltreatment of children with disabilities are encouraged to review the hyperlinked documents and to contact Harold Johnson (hjohnson4deafed@gmail.com) for more information. The safety and success of our children depends on you. 

You are encouraged to watch the following video to better understand the abuses experienced by children. https://youtu.be/7icgPX88Q6Q

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