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Professional Development Opportunities and Self Directed Learning

2019 CEC Convention & Expo located in Indianapolis, Indiana



2018 CEC Convention & Expo in Tampa, FL 

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2017 CEC Convention and Expo in Boston

2016 CEC Convention and Expo in St. Louis, MO April 13-16

DCDD Sponsored Breakout Sessions 

                   What's Life Like After College for Young Adults Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing? poster here

                   An Overview of Theories, Research, and Practice Related to Communication and Language in Deaf Students with   Disabilities here

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DCDD Group Tour to CID Central Institute for the Deaf


2015 DCDD Sponsored Presentations:
DCDD Presentations (list)

2014 DCDD Sponsored Presentations:

: ​​

    Emerson, J: "Are Progress Monitoring Instruments Developed for Hearing Students Appropriate for My Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students?"

    Luckner, J. & Sebald, A.:  "Fostering Self-Determination of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing"

    Newman, L, Shaver, D., & Marschark, M. "Factors Associated with Positive Outcomes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students"

     Paul, D., Nelson, N.W., & Blosser, J. "Aligning RTI with the Common Core for Students With and Without IEPs"

    Gardiner-Walsh, S. "Mild Hearing Losses--Why Worry?  Also Known as: Factors Characterizing Academic Experiences of Children with Mild Bilateral or Unilateral Hearing Loss"


    Jackson, R.: "The Impact of the Montessori Method's Three-Period Lesson on the Word Learning of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing"

    Luft, P.: "Tracking Positive ASL Reading Development Using Miscue Analysis for a Deaf Student with Special Needs"


Online Learning Opportunities/Resources:

 Audiology Online - Itinerant Teachers

Central Institute for the Deaf webinars:

Clarke School

Gallaudet Online Training:

Success for Kids with Hearing Loss


The Radical Middle