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Communication Disorders Quarterly (CDQ) presents cutting edge information on typical and atypical communication -- from oral language development to literacy. The journal also offers assessment of, and interventions for, communicative disorders across the lifespan. It includes research reports, a clinical forum that reports theoretical applications in clinical and educational settings, short tutorials on specific topics or clinical procedures, and media reviews.


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Here are some publications from our officers and committees: 

Committee:  Speech and Language Learning Disabilities - Diane Paul

Let's Talk 

For People With Special Communication Needs
American speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), 2006
Emergent Literacy: Early Reading and Writing Development
Froma P. Roth, PhD, CCC-SLP
Diane R. Paul, PhD, CCC-SLP
Ann-Mari Pierotti, MA,CCC-SLP

RTI in Action: Oral Language Activities for K-2 Classrooms 
Froma P. Roth, PhD, CCC-SLP

Dorothy P. Dougherty, MA, CCC-SLP
Diane R. Paul, PhD, CCC-SLP
Deborah Adamczyk, MA, CCC-SLP–2+Classrooms

Talking on the Go: Everyday Activities to Enhance Speech and Language Development

Dorothy P. Dougherty, MA, CCC-SLP

Diane R. Paul, PhD, CCC-SLP