The Collaborative Community Resources Page 

The Collaborative Community Resources page is designed with you, the professional working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing, in mind. Experts in the field provide a variety of resources based on different communication philosophies in a collaborative effort. Use the links to find what you need to support your educational efforts.

Together we make a difference.


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  CID Central Institute for the Deaf is a school where children from birth to age 12 who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to listen, talk, read, and succeed. The CID Emerson Center Professional Development provides support for professional working with children with hearing loss through the use of online courses, educational products, workshops, guided observations, and consulting. Learn more about CID.  
              Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss is a resource and information website designed primarily to meet the needs of teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing without communication method bias. Our mission is to improve the futures of children with hearing loss via information, carefully selected products, and professional development opportunities. Sign up for our free topical Bimonthly Updates or visit our extensive resource pages. Learn more about Supporting Success.




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