Vice President and Membership Committee Chair

Valerie Mazzotti 

 As Vice President of DCDT and Chair of the Membership Committee, I would like to personally welcome current members of DCDT and encourage anyone interested in becoming a member to reach out to me with questions you may have related to the benefits of being a DCDT member. We are working hard to support our membership and ensure that our State Subdivisions are actively involved with our National DCDT Organization! To identify if your State has an active subdivision or if you are interested in starting a State chapter, please visit the subdivision tab on the DCDT website to find your DCDT Regional Representative. If you are current student member or want to become a student member of DCDT, you can reach out to me or our DCDT Student Representative, Jennifer Bumble, jennifer.bumble@vanderbilt.eduIf you are a student member of DCDT, reach out to Jennifer to get involved with our mentorship activities and Early Career Scholars program.

 The DCDT Membership Committee promotes DCDT membership by working with the DCDT Regional Representatives, Youth with a Disability Representative, Student Representative, Parent Representative, and the Marketing Chair. Some of the specific tasks of the Committee include conducting monthly conference calls (when and if appropriate) with the Membership Committee to: (a) discuss membership activities, (b) assist, if appropriate, in hosting the leadership reception (if held) during the CEC Convention and the DCDT International Conferences, (c) conduct a leadership committee meeting during CEC Convention and during the DCDT Conferences, (d) distribute membership information obtained from CEC to the Membership Committee.

Membership is open to any person concerned with the education of exceptional individuals who is a member in good standing of the International Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).  Individuals may become members of DCDT after application and payment of dues to CEC.

Student Membership is open to members of the Council for Exceptional Children who are in attendance during the academic year at an accredited college or university, who are enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program for preparation of administrators of special education.  Student Membership entitles the member to all privileges of Active Membership.