Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is chaired by the DPHMD journal editor and includes the newsletter and other members who are interested in continuous improvement of DPHMD publications.

According to the DPHMD Constitution and Bylaws, the duties of the Publications Committee are:
1. To continuously review the publications structure of the division and recommend policies and procedures related to its growth and development;
2. To assess the composition of the membership for consideration in determining the scope of the publications program;
3. To recommend to the Executive Board publications to be issued;
4. To publish a minimum number of publications as submitted in the Division Assurances to CEC.

If you want more information about the journal, Physical Disabilities:  Education and Related Services, see the journal page and/or contact journal editor, Lisa Pufpaff.  If you want more information about the DPHMD newsletter, see the newsletter page and/or contact the newsletter editor, Kharon Grimmet. 

If you are interested in serving on the Publications Committee, contact Lisa Pufpaff.