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The Division for Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities (DPHMD) is the official division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) that advocates for quality education for all individuals with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and special health care needs served in schools, hospitals, or home settings. The goals of DPHMD include:  
(1) Promoting the continued development of adequate resources and programs that address the many areas of need associated with serving children and adults with physical and/or multiple disabilities, and special health care needs.
(2) Disseminating relevant and timely information on current issues, instructional strategies, adaptations, and research through the annual CEC convention, professional meetings, training programs and publications.
(3) Providing technical assistance and preservice and inservice education.
(4) Advocating for funds and policies that promote supportive legislation and funding for persons with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities and special health care needs.
(5) Supporting the activities, policies, and procedures of the CEC and the other CEC divisions

    Member Benefits

    Valuable Resources

    As a member of DPHMD, you will stay abreast of recent advances and trends in the field through the division's journal: Physical Disabilities: Education and Related Services. This journal provides information on relevant research, instructional innovation, and current issues in education and related services for individuals with physical, health, and multiple disabilities. Go to the Journal page for more information about the journal.  

    The DPHMD Newsletter provides information about current developments in the field highlighting topics of current interest, political action updates, conference and meeting dates, DPHMD activities, as well as information about CEC activities. Go to the Newsletter page for more information about the DPHMD Newsletter.

    A new addition to our member benefits is a Teacher Resources page.  This is a growing repository of teacher tip sheets and other informative materials that can be used by practitioners working with students who have physical, health, and multiple disabilities.  We encourage you to check this page often as new tip sheets are under development and will be added to the site soon!!!  Also stay tuned for webinars that are in the planning stages and will be available to DPHMD members over the next year!
    Convention Sessions

    DPHMD offers its members opportunities for professional growth and networking with colleagues who share their interests. DPHMD sponsors sessions on the education of individuals with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and special health care needs at the CEC Annual International Convention & Expo. Members are invited to submit proposals and make program suggestions. During the convention, DPHMD sponsors daily presentation and poster sessions as well as one DPHMD showcase.  

    Other Important Benefits

    DPHMD has four annual awards which honor the memory of late members.  The Pamela K. De Loach Advocacy Award honors an individual, group, or organization that has provided strong advocacy for individuals with physical, health, or multiple disabilities. The Elizabeth Wetzel Memorial fund was established to provide scholarship assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in preparation programs in physical and/or multiple disabilities. DPHMD also sponsors the Joan Wald Baken Award which goes to a professional in the field who makes a difference in the lives of individuals with physical and/or health disabilities.  The Albert R. Goldsmith Award provides money for a classroom teacher to purchase materials for his or her classroom. Application information can be found in the Awards section of this site. 

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    • DPHMD membership is the most cost-effective way to boost your professional skills and become a more informed practitioner. Remember: You must be a member of CEC to join DPHMD.   Call CEC at (888) 232-7733. Membership applications are available on CEC's website  http://www.cec.sped.org