Nomination Procedures

To submit a nomination for the Student Research Award (self-nominations are welcome as are nominations from an academic advisor or professional colleague), send electronic copies of each of the following by October 15 to the address of the Chair of this award below:

1. A copy of the paper being submitted for recognition. If the article submitted has multiple authors, the contributions of the nominee to the publication should be clearly identified.

2. A letter of nomination, NO LONGER THAN 1 PAGE, including:

3. The title and methodological area in which the research is being submitted for consideration

4. Written assurance that the research was conceptualized and conducted by the nominee while the nominee was a student, and has not been accepted for publication; and

5. All current contact information (name, title, position, affiliation, address, telephone number, email address) for the nominator and the nominee.

Nominations are to be emailed to:

Michael L. Wehmeyer, Ph.D.
Chair, Student Research Award Committee;