Spring 2014
Acknowledging the Rigor and Role of Special Education Research 
Mike Coyne, ‚Ä®University of Connecticut 

I'd like to start by highlighting the outstanding series of presentations and posters that will be sponsored by the Division for Research during the 2014 CEC Convention in Philadelphia. Sessions include cutting edge presentations by leading researchers in the field as well as featured sessions and a strand on bully prevention and intervention. I'd like to thank David Houchins, Wendy Oaks, and Zac Johnson for their work on the Program Advisory Committee and for putting together such an important, timely, and innovative program. This year was particularly challenging because of the large number of quality proposals - which underscores the high level of rigorous research being conducted in special education.‚Ä® 

I think it is important during these times of unsure funding for educational research in general, and special education research in particular, that we recognize the high quality and the relevance of our work. Special education research is unique, not only because of its longstanding dedication to developing and evaluating effective practices for individuals with disabilities, but also because of its direct impact on students, families, schools, and communities. Special education research has touched the lives of many, either directly or indirectly, through its focus on applied problems, its dedication to collaborative partnerships with schools and families, and its commitment to translating research into practice. My goal is to support DR in continuing to advocate for the value of special education research by both acknowledging our growing evidence base while also recognizing its direct and personal connection to individuals and communities.

Upcoming Events

  1. Join DR members at the annual Business Meeting during the CEC Convention (Friday, April 11, 2014, 5:15PM to 6:30PM).  Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom, Salon A.

  2. Continue with the the DR-Donald D. Hammill Foundation Reception, co-hosted by Georgia State University (Friday, April 11, 6:30PM to 8:30PM).  Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom, Salon A.


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