It is election time for the board.  We need your help.  With many hands, the load is much lighter.  This is a wonderful way to advocate for the students we love and the field we are all so passionate. 

This year we are looking for members to run for the following positions:

Treasurer (1)

The duties of the treasurer:

  1. To serve as custodian of the funds of the Division;
  2. To pay expenses approved by the Board of Directors and on authorization of the president;
  1. To make an annual report of the financial status of the Division to the Board of Directors and at the annual business meeting;
  1. To prepare and submit an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors at the annual business meeting;
  1. To transfer all money and records to the new treasurer within 30 days after installation.
  1. To chair the Finance Committee;
  2. To upon request, represent the Division at IDC meetings.
Representative Assembly Member (1)

The duties of the division's representative to the CEC Representative Assembly:

  1. To represent the Division at meetings of the CEC Representative Assembly and to participate in balloting, and other activities necessary to the functioning of the CEC Representative Assembly.
  1. To report regularly to the Division's Board of Directors and general membership on activities of the Representative Assembly and CEC.
  1. To communicate issues and concerns from the Division to the CEC Representative Assembly
  1. To inform the Division about the disposition of the Representative Assembly issues and advice forwarded to the CEC Board of Directors.
  1. To upon request, represent the Division at IDC meetings.
Directors (5)
The duties of the directors shall be
  1. To serve on at least one standing committee as designated by the president.
  1. To serve as an alternate representative when necessary.

Please send a short (1 paragraph) bio to Tiffany Wild (wild.13@osu.edu) by June 30th if you are interested in running for a board position.

Executive Board
President - Amy Parker
President-Elect - Nicole Johnson
Past President - Tiffany Wild
Secretary - Tessa McCarthy
Treasurer - Lane McKittrick
CAN Coordinator - Kathleen Stanfa

Karen Vay Walker
Joan Allison
Chris Martin
Angel Perez
Carol Rimka
Adam Graves
Karen Koehler
Kathleen Stanfa

Student Ambassadors:
Lauren Maloney
Jacqueline Morell
May Moscato

Committee Chairs:

Audit and Oversight - Lanya McKittrick
Awards - Tiffany Wild
Constitution & Bylaws - Lou Tutt
Deafblind - Amy Parker
Diversity - Vacant
VIDBEQ - Katie Farrand
Governmental Relations - Michael Bina
Membership - Sarah Ivy
National Agenda - Janie Blome
Orientation and Mobility - Vacant
Professional Standards - Deborah Hatton
Position Papers - Deborah Hatton
Publications - Olaya Landa-Vialard
Public Relations - Amy Parker
Website - Mackenzie Savaiano
Program Advisory Committee - Amy Parker
Ad Hoc Student Committee - Nicole Johnson
Ad Hoc Endorsement Committee - Mackenzie Savaiano