Input Requested on Initial Licensure Standards

Requested by November 1, 2016

TVI Specialty Set Draft 

We are currently soliciting input from the field for content. We cannot add standards after our validation survey is submitted.  For that reason, it is critical that we identify all the standards now and that we secure input from as many colleagues as possible. We will document the responses that we receive from you as evidence to support the proposed standards. 

Please provide suggestions/edits using track changes and send to Deborah Hatton at Deborah.Hatton@vanderbilt.edu before November 1, 2016.  The revision committee will review all suggestions.  We plan to share an updated version by Nov. 30, 2016.

Webinar #7 - RESCHEDULED

Where to Start When Working with Students who have Visual Impairments/Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness

This webinar will provide participants with useful background information on working with students with deafblindness. Topics that will be covered in this webinar include; defining and determining students' eligibility for deafblind related services, the importance of touch to the deafblind child, and basic instructional strategies and techniques to consider when working with a student with deafblindness.
Presented by:

Adam Graves is a certified teacher of students with visual impairments with over 10 years of experience working in classrooms with students who are deafblind and have multiple disabilities.  For the past 2 years Adam has provided technical assistance and educational support for teachers, students and administrators through the Texas DeafBlind Project. He also serves as a member of the review board for the National Intervener Certification E-portfolio (NICE) and is a doctoral student at the Texas Tech University College of Education.




2017 DVIDB Sessions at the CEC Convention

DVIDB is excited to announce the sessions at the 2017 CEC Convention and Expo devoted to issues related to visual impairments and deafblindness. This year's offerings feature lecture and poster sessions on diverse topics such as identifying preferences, robotics, and technology.  

New Employment Opportunities Portal

A new Employment Opportunities portal has been created in the Resources section. Job postings that are relevant to the DVIDB membership will be posted here. Check back often! If you would like an opportunity to appear in the portal, please see the requirements listed on the webpage.

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For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Division on Visual Impairment and Deafblindness microsite, please contact dviwebmaster@gmail.com
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