Standing Committees

 Hawaii CEC Standing Committees

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Committees are welcoming new members and leaders!

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Leadership Opportunities:
(All Standing Committee Chairs serve on the Executive Committee of Hawaii CEC)

Committee Chair Openings:

  • Communications Committee Chair

  • Membership Committee Chair


Hawaii CEC Standing Committees 
(All committees are seeking new members)

Programs Committee

Chair: Tairita Waite (President-Elect)

The duties of the Programs Committee include:

  1. Develop the program for the Hawaii State Unit Annual Meeting 

Membership Committee

Chair: (vacant)

 The duties of the Membership Committee:

  1. To maintain a list of current members and to provide this list to officers and committee chairs upon request.
  2. To maintain an active program for the recruitment of new members and renewal of members; and
  3. To support CEC Headquarters in its member recruitment and renewal program.

Communications Committee

Chair: (Vacant)

The duties of the Communications Committee:

  1. To recommend to the Executive Committee publications to be issued;
  2. To plan and develop publicity that will give recognition to the state unit activities and members;
  3. To publish the official publication of the unit; and
  4. To support and maintain the state unit's communication with members, social media presence, and the state unit's Web site.

Policy and Advocacy Committee

Chair: Children and Youth Advocacy Network (CAN) Coordinator: Stephenie Blakemore

The duties of the Policy and Advocacy Committee:

  1. To develop a political action program under the direction of the Executive Committee;
  2. To disseminate information pertinent to international, national, and state public policy; and
  3. To support CEC Headquarters in its policy and advocacy efforts and campaigns.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Chair: Christy Chambers Burke

The duties of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee include:

  1. To receive and review all proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and refer with recommendations 
    to the Executive Committee; and
  2. To call to the attention of the Executive Committee other changes which may be needed in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Finance Committee

Chair: Rhonda Black (Treasurer)

  1. To prepare and submit an annual budget for adoption by the Executive Committee;
  2. To develop plans for raising funds; and
  3. To audit the treasurer's report

Nominations and Elections Committee

Chair: Gloria Niles (Immediate Past President)

The duties of the Nominations and Elections Committee include:

  1. To prepare annually a slate of candidates for the positions of President-Elect, secretary (even-numbered years)