Maryland CEC Committees

Membership Committee
Chair: Jennifer Kouo,

The duties of the Membership Committee are:

  1. To maintain an active record of members and to provide all officers and committee chairs with such a list;
  2. To maintain an active program for the recruitment of new members; and
  3. To support CEC Headquarters in its follow-up of membership renewals and member recruitment activities

Communications Committee
Chair: TBD

The duties of the Communications Committee are:

  1. To assess the composition of the membership for consideration in determining the scope of the communications program (i.e., website, Facebook, Twitter, etc);
  2. To continuously review the communications structure of the state unit and recommend policies and procedures related to its growth and development;
  3. To plan and develop publicity that will give recognition to state unit activities and members; and
  4. To develop and maintain the modes of communication utilized by the unit.

Public Policy Committee
Chair: Debi Gartland, 

The duties of the Public Policy committee are:

  1. To develop a political action program under the direction of the Executive Committee or the State Representative Assembly;
  2. To disseminate information pertinent to international and state public policy; and
  3. To support CEC Headquarters in its public policy efforts and campaigns.

Program Committee
Co-Chairs: Laila Richman, and Rosemary Garr,

The duty of the Program Committee is to develop the program for the annual meeting.

Nominations Committee
Chair: Tricia Strickland, 

The duties of the Nominations Committee is to annually prepare a slate of candidates for open positions on the Board and to present the slate to the State Representative Assembly 30 days prior to the meeting of the State Representative Assembly. Only those persons who are members in good standing of the Council may be nominated.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Chair: TBD

The duties of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee are:

  1. To receive and review all proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and refer with recommendations to the Executive Committee; and
  2. To call to the attention of the Executive Committee other changes that may be needed in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Finance and Audit Committee
Chair, Terri Potter,

The duties of the Finance Committee are:

  1. To prepare and submit an annual budget for adoption by the State/Provincial Representative Assembly;
  2. To develop plans for raising funds; and
  3. To audit the treasurer’s report.