University of Missouri SCEC



Officer List:  

President - Kristina Bowlus 

Vice-President - Mikayla Seitz 

Treasurer- Samantha Fullington 

Membership- Samantha Riggs 

Public Relations- Becca Batliner 

Secretary- Casey Gibbons


Every third Thursday of each month.   
- September 18th @ 3:00 - Townsend 109
- October 16th @ 3:00 
- Novemeber 20th @3:00

Volunteer Opportunities:
Young Athletes- 
Young Athletes is a program associated with Special Olympics that serves children with disabilities ages 2 to 7. We will facilitate athletic activities and games in order to help improve their motor skills as well as create a positive social environment.
Center on Responsive Education- 

Center Of Response Education is a program offered by Columbia Public Schools for children with special needs. We are able to engage the students in activities that help them with learning and decision making.​ Some of the actives we facilitate include cooking lessons, athletic events, and get to know each other games.

MU SCEC 8th Annual Conference:
Check the links below for more information on the MU SCEC Conference held in January!