Mini Grants

Mini-Grant Awards

The North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children invites members to submit proposals for a competitive mini-grant related to programs for students with exceptional needs.  NC-CEC is sponsoring $500 grant(s) for the purpose of rewarding members who have innovative ideas for better meeting the needs of students with disabilities.

2017 NC CEC Mini-Grant of $500 AWARD WINNER

Laura Tharrington, Cleveland County Schools

Creating Smiles will provide students in the Occupational Course of Study the opportunity to volunteer in their local community with the elderly. Students will collaborate with peers to create, design and implement successful community service projects through their involvement in Youth for Advocacy (Y4A). Y4A is a recognized school club, started six years ago aimed at teaching self-advocacy skills through community service projects to high school students in the Occupational Course of Study.

Creating Smiles students will be given the opportunity and resources to plan interactive and appropriate activities for a geriatric population. Students will be encouraged to foster their ability to work together as a team with a common goal of helping others. The project’s participants will be able to practice leadership, exhibit collaboration and utilize their self-advocacy skills in real life settings. 

The grants are available to any CEC member throughout the state

Applications should be DOWNLOADED and submited to:

Nomination Forms Due By 11/15/17

2018 Mini-Grant Award Nomination Form