Positions open!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Nebraska CEC Board of Directors. We currently have one position open:


The Secretary keeps accurate records of proceedings of the unit. Prime qualifications of Secretary include: promptness, accuracy, and thorough knowledge of CEC objectives, policies, and methods.

Guidelines for Secretary include:
  • Help prepare and distribute an agenda, in cooperation with the President, prior to each meeting.
  • Notify the membership of the time and place of all meetings.
  • Maintain for reference at each meeting, a copy of unit bylaws, standing rules, accepted order of business, minutes of previous meetings, and lists of all committees.
  • Read the minutes of any previous meetings if asked to do so.
  • Record all business transacted at each meeting of the unit and of the executive committee, and present the printed minutes for approval at the next meeting.
  • Call the meeting to order in absence of President and President Elect/Vice President, unless bylaws specify otherwise, and preside until a chairperson pro team is elected
  • Conduct all correspondence of the unit except when the executive committee directs another officer to respond in a specific matter.
  • Help to count votes when requested by the presiding officer.
  • Act as custodian of all records except those specifically assigned to others, and promptly deliver and explain all records to your successor.
  • Carry out the duties assigned by the President.

Additional Responsibilities specific to Nebraska unit:
  • Serve as Communications Committee Chairperson
  • Within two weeks of Board meeting, complete and send recorded minutes to Unit President for distribution and approval.
  • Oversee the positions of Newsletter Editor and Public Relations Chair.
  • Oversee marketing and advertising of Nebraska CEC
  • Attend all board meetings and vote on all actions proposed by the board.

Guidelines for taking minutes include:
  • Minutes contain records of all action taken by the unit, including: the exact wording of every motion, the name of the member who introduced the motion, and the action taken on the motion
  • What is done by the unit, not what is said by individual members, is recorded
  • Personal opinion and discussion are not included; however, clarifying statements may be needed.
  • The secretary may request the maker of a motion to put the motion in writing if it is long or involved.
  • Minutes should be brief and reported in the order in which business is presented in the meeting.
  • At the opening of each meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting are reviewed; after corrections, minutes are approved.