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Voices and Visions of your Nebraska Council for Exceptional Children

When I was asked if I wanted to offer a message as the Nebraska Council for Exceptional Children (NE CEC) President my mind wandered into that ‘oh no, more use of my documentation brain’ zone.  So, I took a deep breath and realized that all I needed to do was get the word out about what being a member of the NE CEC offers to educators of all children and youth with disabilities and/or gifts and talents.

As this year’s President of the Nebraska Council for Exceptional Children, I am first and foremost an educator.  As all educators should know, we are not and should never feel that we are alone in what we do. It is with that realization that I became a member of Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) when I was a student finding my way to become a teacher for special education.  I was more inclined to seek out elementary educators and was also very appreciative of the professionals at all levels of education that I found through the CEC network of individuals.

My thoughts and my writing could ramble on and on about the importance of having reliable information and teammates as well as that all important data data data, but you probably know all of that.  So, let me get right to the point...

Your NE CEC board of directors is in the process of rebuilding; therefore, we need your input as to what you want.  We would also like to get the word out for those who are not members of CEC.  One of our first directions that we would like to go is to get out a survey to members and non-members as to what CEC means to you as well as what you would appreciate from CEC.  Your survey responses will facilitate those voices and visions of the NE CEC.

So, thank you for giving me a moment of your time and please keep in touch...we are listening.

Becky Kalinski

President, Nebraska Council for Exceptional Children

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