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CEC 2016 - St Louis

Check back here often for information about the next International CEC Convention in St. Louis!

CEC's Convention Page 

Exciting things are happening at Headquarters!  My Co-Chair, Doug Cheney and I are working with Executive Director Alex Graham and Convention Coordinator, Carol Serrano to create a new a different Professional Development event.  As a classroom teacher, I am helping to design a convention focused more on the classroom and the practitioners that work in them.  We have received thousands of proposals and the reviewers are now evaluating them.  We made some changes to the Call for Papers to solicit more proposals from classroom teachers.  It seems that our strategy worked and many teachers have submitted.  As the summer goes on, the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) will be choosing the proposals that best fit our focus.  

The search for a keynote speaker has ended and I think that you will all be excited to see an incredible speaker … However, I cannot break that news yet.  Once things are finalized, look for an announcement on the CEC website!! 

We are planning several interesting strands including one that focuses on Diversity.  I am working with Kelly Carrero,( DDEL) and Vicki McNamara (LAC in St. Louis) to create a series of sessions focusing on Acceptance for All. We must work together to help our students and each other to embrace our differences and celebrate the fact that we are all the same inside! 

I will continue to update you each month on our plans! Look for some big names and some new faces as we strive to create a fun and informative convention!

 Hope to see you in St. Louis!

Laura Receveur
2016 CEC Program Co-Chair



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Policy Insider: Legislative Update

  • The Senate and House are poised today to approve a continuing resolution (CR – short term funding measure) until December 11, 2015. This stop-gap measure will avert the widely talked about shut down of the federal government. It seems certain that the CR will be “clean” and not contain any provisions that would defund Planned Parenthood which remains controversial for the Congress and the White House. Once both chambers have voted it will clear the CR for the president’s signature. The budget deliberations have been complicated by the sudden resignation of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner (R –...


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