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Professional development is critical to us all
During the month of August I attended two professional development activities for association executives. When I was an assistant superintendent in a district with about 27,000 students for 18 years, I had no idea there was a whole career path for association executives. Just as you have been encouraged to join YOUR professional association — the Council of Administrators of Special Education, a division of the Council for Exceptional Children, I was encouraged to join the American Society of Association Executives. And just as there are 38 state and provincial subdivisions of CASE, there are state groups for ASAE so I also joined GSAE! Just like CEC and CASE, ASAE has annual meetings and publications. All designed to help the association executive be the most effective and efficient leader for their association. I learn so much not just from the wonderful speakers and the breakout sessions — but just like the CASE events, I learn the most from networking with my colleagues. What do we talk about? How to engage members, increase membership, give more value to our members, make our meetings more meaningful, and over all how to better meet the mission and purpose of our association. In other words, what can I learn to be able to help make CASE even better. I came back from 2013 ASAE meeting in Atlanta — I didn't have to go far this year — so excited, pumped up with new ideas, and ready to do a better job and ... I remembered that feeling. It was the same feeling I had when I was a local school administrator and I came back from any of the CASE and GCASE meetings. We all need our fuel tank filled up. As an administrator, you have to give so much to your staff, the schools, the parents, the community and the students. You need to get your gas tank filled occasionally so you will have the ideas, knowledge, energy and confidence to do your job at the level of excellence you are capable of doing. As you promote your teachers and staff to continue to grow, don't neglect your own personal growth. It isn't too late to register for the 24th Annual CASE Fall Conference: Lead Your Team To the Finish Line, in Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 26-28. It isn't too early to begin thinking about your participation either on site or as a virtual site for the CASE Winter Hybrid Conference, Feb. 24-26, 2015. As you make plans for the 2013-2014 school year, don't neglect your own professional development!

 Conference on IEP Facilitation
Join special education attorney Julie Weatherly and Key2Ed on Nov. 12-13 in Nashville, Tenn., for a unique two-day Conference on IEP Facilitation and its legal benefits in a small, interactive learning environment. The U.S. Department of Education has recognized IEP meeting facilitation as best practice through CADRE, and the American Association of School Administrators has recently proposed that the mandatory use of FIEP be included in the next Reauthorization of the IDEA.

Conference participants will receive intensive training in the mechanics of IEP facilitation, along with the opportunity to pose legal questions related to the IEP process and how FIEP can assist in avoiding special education legal disputes. Specifically, this conference will focus on how to:Prevent conflict at IEP meetingsManage strong emotions from team membersHave productive and meaningful dialogue focused on the studentKeep all team members focused on IEP meeting contentUse an effective and legally compliant IEP agenda, and group behavior norms to manage the content of the meetingAvoid legal disputes by using facilitative behaviors and processes.

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