DPHD - Division for Physical and Health Impairments

Our Mission:

1. To promote the continued development of adequate resources and programs that address the many areas of need associated with serving children and adults with physical and/or multiple disabilities, and special health care needs.
2. To monitor and disseminate relevant and timely information on current issues, relevant strategies, adaptations, and research through the annual CEC convention professional meetings, training programs, and publications.
3. To provide technical assistance and pre-service & in-service education.
4. To advocate for funds and policies that promote supportive legislation and funding for persons with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and special health care needs.
5. Supporting the activities, policies, and procedures of CEC and other CEC divisions.


  • President - Rodney Warfield  rwarfield@ald.edu

  • President-Elect -
  • Vice President -
  • Secretary -
  • Treasurer -

What is DPHD?

The Division for Physical and Health Disabilities (DPHD) is the official division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) that advocates for quality education for all individuals with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and special health care needs served in schools, hospitals, or home settings.

Membership in DPHD has numerous benefits. Publications DPHD members receive include:

  • Physical Disabilities - Education and Related Services - This annual publication provides professionals in the field with information on relevant research, instructional innovation, and current issues.
  • DPHD Newsletter - A quarterly publication reporting on business and convention meetings and highlighting topics of current interest.

Other membership benefits include the Elizabeth Wetzel Memorial fund to provide scholarship assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in preparation programs in physical and/or multiple disabilities.

PA-DPHD is currently in search of officers to re-activate the subdivision. The committment is small, but the rewards are BIG! Anyone interested in the possibility of helping to expand the role of PA-DPHD should contact PACEC President Kimberly Bright.

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