TAG - The Association for the Gifted

Our Mission:

1. To promote a better understanding of gifted and talented students and their special education needs among parents, educators, and the community.
2. Disseminating relevant and timely information about the latest issues and trends in the education of the gifted and talented through professional meetings, training programs, and publications.
3. Expanding the existing knowledge base about gifted and talented students and their needs.
4. Developing professional teacher education and teacher certification models, supporting research opportunities, and identifying and honoring leadership in the field.
5. Advocating for policies that promote supportive legislation and funding for the gifted and talented at the national, state, and local level.
6. Supporting the activities, policies, and procedures of CEC and other CEC divisions.

What is TAG?

The Association for the Gifted (TAG) is the official division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) that helps both professionals and parents deal more effectively with one of our most precious resources: the gifted child.

Members of TAG stay abreast of recent advances and trends in the field through:

  • Journal for the Education of the Gifted - Providing articles on current research, position papers, literature reviews, historical perspectives, book reviews, and information on classroom materials, along with practical ideas for teachers and parents on handling the special educational needs of the talented and gifted student.
  • TAG Update - A newsletter containing brief, timely information on TAG activities; upcoming events, workshops, and institutes; reports on legislation; and relevant news from national and state/provincial organizations.
  • Other Publications - On occasion, TAG members are offered special discounts on books, monographs, and other publications including department publications, curriculum guides, paperbacks, and annotated bibliographies.

PA TAG is an organization which includes parents, teachers, and other interested stakeholders, represents the interests of the gifted and talented. A PAGE representative sits on the Executive Board of PACEC in order to facilitate the two-way flow of information between our respective organizations.

What's News?


I am sitting here watching TV
When all of a sudden mommy says to me,
"It's time to go riding again once more."
I grab my riding hat and wheel myself out the door.
I can't get there fast enough; the car is too slow.
We pull in the driveway and I shout, "Let's go!"
I pull on my hard hat and buckle it tight-
I don't want to get hurt when I take flight.
My pony is standing patiently in her stall.
She sticks her head out as I wheel myself down the hall.
I take hold of her reins and lead her out.
She is as excited as I am no doubt.
I wait for my instructor to help me on.
Once I'm settled in the saddle, I am gone.
I'm in another world where I know no pain.
I'm back on my pony, Freedom, Flying High again!

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