TED - Teacher Education Division

Our Mission:

1. To promote the preparation and continuing professional development of effective professionals in Special Education and related fields.
2. To encourage, nurture, and advance efficient and effective programs of development and preparation of pre-service special educators.
3. To collaborate with other organizations on issues relating to teacher recruitment, development, and preparation, and to disseminate such information to its members.
4. To support the goals of the Council for Exceptional Children and its members.


TED officers for the year beginning January 1, 2014:

  • President – Dr. Barbara Wert of Bloomsburg University
  • Vice President & President Elect – Dr. Christopher Schwilk of Shippensburg University
  • Secretary – Dr. Gina Scala of East Stroudsburg University
  • Treasurer and Membership – Dr. Dorotha “Mike” Monfore of Slippery Rock University
  • What's New:


Connecting with other teacher educators in the field of special education emerged as a high priority among Teacher Education Division attendees at the recent PACEC conference luncheon. Participants from five colleges (Shippensburg, Rider, Alvernia, Gwynedd-Mercy, and East Stroudsburg) discussed potential activities for the newly reactivated PACEC Teacher Education Division in the coming year.

These activities included:

  • Collaboration in preparing a “strand” related to teacher educator concerns for the November 2014 PACEC conference
  • Development of an on-line TED presence through either a link on the PACEC website and/or a list-serv so that current political and other concerns could be shared and discussed among members
  • Preparation of a directory of all Pennsylvania higher education faculty who work in the special education field that could be used for networking or TED recruitment
  • Exploration of other venues where our views and expertise could be shared (PAC-TE in October, PDE in February, Council of Independent Colleges, PATTAN workshops etc.)


Although the conversation was lively and productive, the meeting was unexpectedly (and pleasantly!) interrupted when Kim Peek and his father Fran approached our table. The opportunity for a private conversation with these amazing individuals was too good to pass up! Both were kind enough to sign autographs, take pictures and answer questions for us before the group adjourned to its afternoon conference sessions.

TED President:

The Teacher Education Division of CEC has set 6 strategic goals:

1. Foster professionalism by providing professional development resources and opportunities for those who provide pre-service continuing professional development to personnel who work with individuals with diverse abilities and disabilities and their families.
2. Stimulate the production and dissemination of a knowledge base related to the professional development of personnel who work with individuals with diverse abilities and disabilities and their families.
3. Establish and maintain relationships with appropriate organizations including CEC units which we have common interests related to our mission.
4. Maintain and enhance the organizational viability of TED.
5. Influence policy that affects the professional development of personnel working with individuals with diverse abilities and their families.
6. TED addresses systemic change through:

  • encouraging reform,
  • improving outcomes and environments,
  • bettering the environments in which educators practice, and
  • supporting and stimulating improved professional status.

In terms of membership, TED has maintained a national membership of 2,800 members, however, "it is important to both recruit and retain members. It is not only important to the Division, but also to our relationship to CEC, to the number of sessions assigned at the CEC convention, and to the impact that TED can have on overall CEC policy." (Lokerson, TED Membership Chair). If you are not a member of National TED, consider joining - if you request information through e-mail ( jlokerso@saturn.vcu.edu), you will receive information packets about TED, its journal - TESE, as well as an extensive list of state and local special education supervisors and staff development personnel.

TED web page can be accessed through the CEC.SPED.ORG site.

TED has much to offer you - please consider becoming a vital part of statewide and national TED!!!!!

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