Our Purpose and Goals

The primary purposes of the Pioneers Division are to offer services to the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC); to support and make available benefits and services to its members; to provide a service to the professional community, both general and special education, by rendering time, effort, expertise, and leadership to activities which promote the education and welfare of exceptional children and youth; and to bring recognition to those who have been longstanding members of CEC and/or have provided leadership that has positively impacted the lives of exceptional children and youth.

CEC Pioneers Division Goals for 2016 

1.  To meet membership needs though outreach, support, and services.

            a. Communications to members and lapsed members

            b. Membership recruitment plan (to be developed with membership chair)

            c. Newsletter, conference sessions, webinars, IDC participation, RA participation

            d. Service on the Knowledge and Skills Committee for CEC

            e. Outreach to State Pioneer Chapters to support growing membership


2. To nurture the next generation of leaders for the field and within CEC.

            a. CEC/PD Mentoring Program participation and leadership

            b. Joint Showcase with Students “Focused on the Future”

            c. Work with Nominations Committee on nominating future leaders

            d. Propose a leadership strand/session for CEC Convention 2017

            e. Outreach to Student CEC for ideas and collaboration


3. To honor past service and preserve the history of CEC.

            a. Courtesy resolutions to recognize service

            b. Initiate “Legacy Series” articles (to be developed in partnership with Students)

            c. Archives work for CEC

            d. Mackie Award

            e. June Jordan Fund for Preserve CEC History

            f. Outreach to State Pioneer Chapters to review ideas and strategies