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 2017 Member's Survey

The Pioneers Division is asking our members to complete a brief survey.  The purpose of this survey is to learn more about you so that we can better serve and engage all of our members.  We want to honor your time and talents in the field of exceptional education and offer ways for you to continue to contribute to the field. This survey will enable us to move forward with your input.  Please complete the survey by Sunday, March 5, 2017 (it should only take 10-15 minutes).  We are also including a link to the survey in the newsletter.  Your time and effort in completing the survey will be greatly appreciated along with your involvement to help “…lift others up…bring others together.”  (Michelle Obama)

Click on the following button to participate in the survey:

Pioneers Division Goals for 2017

As part of the focus for the Pioneers Division of CEC, the Board approved the following goals:

  1. To meet membership needs though outreach, support, and services.
    1. Continue to communicate with members, lapsed members and State Pioneer Chapters
    2. Continue to develop and revise membership recruitment plan with membership chair
    3. Based on membership survey results, develop trainings such as: webinars, conference sessions, ask an expert forum, and other support services to meet members’ needs and assist in recruitment efforts
    4. Continue to communicate through the Newsletter, website, conference sessions, IDC participation, RA participation
  2. To nurture the next generation of leaders for the field and within CEC through collaboration.
    1. CEC/PD Mentoring Program participation and leadership
    2. Showcase addressing “Interagency Collaboration Triad for Success”
    3. Work with Nominations Committee on nominating future leaders
    4. Continue work on the “State of the Profession” project
    5. Outreach to Student CEC for ideas and collaboration
  3. To honor past service and preserve the history of CEC.
    1. Courtesy resolutions to recognize service
    2. Continue “Legacy Series” articles
    3. Archives work for CEC
    4. Mackie Award
    5. June Jordan Fund for Preserve CEC History



Romaine P. Mackie Leadership Award

Call for Nominations

The Pioneers Division is pleased to present a call for nominations to select the recipient of the Romaine P. Mackie Leadership Award. This award was initiated in 1993 to honor a person who has demonstrated leadership over time in programs for exceptional children and youth. The award was named for Romaine P. Mackie who was a commissioner of education and a devout supporter of special education in the very early years. She was a pioneer in the early development of special education as a profession within the field of education. Romaine Mackie was an active member of the Council for Exceptional Children and promoted the mission of the Council in all the work with which she was involved. She was a significant person who provided the leadership for the development of a section within the U.S. Department of Education designated for Special Education. For these reasons, the Pioneers Division established the award in honor of her impact on the field of special education. She is honored by selecting and presenting this award to an individual who best represents leadership in the field of special education. This award is presented in the form of a selected commemorative item at the annual Business Meeting held at the CEC convention.

The criteria for selecting the recipient of this award is as follows:

Award Criteria

  • Length of service in the field
  • Documentation of continuous leadership during the time span of the nominee’s career
  • Leadership position within the various units of CEC (state/provincial, chapter, subdivision, division)
  • Leadership positions at the national level in CEC
  • Acknowledgement by others of the nominee’s leadership (letters of support – minimum two - maximum four, other awards/honors bestowed)
  • Significance of leadership contributions made
  • Leadership in the development of programs and services for exceptional children and youth
  • Leadership in the delivery of programs and services for exceptional children and youth
  • Leadership in the development of diagnostic/assessment tools and procedures for children and youth
  • Leadership in advocacy efforts on behalf of exceptional children and youth
  • Publications in the area of special education (journal articles, monographs, curriculum guides, books)
  • Leadership activities in the area of consultation, teacher education and personnel development activities
  • Leadership activities in the area of consultation, teacher education and personnel development activities

Applications must be postmarked by March 6, 2017

Please submit complete applications to Dr. Gloria Taradash, 26 Cedar Hill Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122.



Dr. Gloria Taradash,

Honors and Awards Committee Chair





Any person who has been a member of CEC for a period of at least fifteen (15) years, has served as an officer of a CEC Division or state/provincial unit, or is a Past President of CEC shall qualify for membership.   All members of the Pioneers Division must hold concurrent membership in CEC.

Upcoming Events

Professional Development

As part of our charge for this year the Pioneers Division is also planning on multiple presentations at the CEC 2017 Conference in Boston, MA, April 19-22.  Please look forward to the following presentations:

  1. PD Showcase - “Parent and Student Engagement through Interagency Collaboration – Triad for Success”
  2.  Presentation – “A Brief History of Public Alternative Education:  Looking Back to Look Ahead”
  3. Poster – “The Janus Project:  Looking Back to Move the Field Forward”
  4. Poster (cosponsored with DISES)  ”Belonging to School:  Examining views from students with special education needs in the Republic of Ireland”

The Pioneers Division Executive Board Meeting will be held at the CEC 2017 Conference in Boston on Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The Annual Business Meeting, Awards Presentation and Social will be held following the Board Meeting from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. location TBA.  CEC is planning on having an electronic Conference Agenda and Travel Toolkit which can be accessed at:  http://cecconvention.org/ 

Another important date to look forward to is the Leadership Institute (July 7-9, 2017) and the Special Education Legislative Summit (July 9-12, 2017).  We will be hearing more about this as the year progresses.


The CEC Nation Conference in Boston, MA, April 19-22, 2017.

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