President’s Message:

Happy New Years to the Members of the Pioneer Division.

As your 2018 President, I want to make you aware that that the CEC Workgroup on Governance completed their report and that a link to the report was provided in the Dec. 7 issue of CEC Leadership e-newsletter. The link is:
I know that the workgroup spent considerable time on the report and CEC is requesting responses by Feb. 5.  The report calls for significant changes to how CEC members and leaders will be appointed (versus elected) to the Board. There are pros and cons to the more efficient governance model proposed.  I hope that you will take a few minutes to read this, become informed and if you would like to do so, to comment. The Pioneer board has been working on a response and posing questions about the process and requesting clarifications.  I encourage others to respond as well. 

Best wishes

Susan Fowler

Pioneers Division Goals for 2018

As part of the focus for the Pioneers Division of CEC, the Board approved the following goals:
  • Continue to provide leadership and advice to CEC and increase visibility within CEC as legacy leaders.
    • Conduct with CEC in Fall 2018 “The State of the Profession Survey”, developed by a joint workgroup of the Pioneer Division and CEC and as a 20 year follow-up to the Bright Futures Report on “The Conditions and Quality of Teaching”
    • Continue our natural alignments with TED and CASE divisions, but consider commonalities with some of the smaller divisions,
    • Work with CASE in mentoring special education directors, especially those with limited special education expertise
  • Grow Pioneer membership through our representation of Leadership and Legacy
    • Continue to be responsive to changes in CEC and to initiate recommendations to support the development and growth of CEC
    • Continue to emphasize membership through leadership experience with CEC—Pioneer membership is open to those who have been presidents of units, divisions, subdivisions or CEC Board without regard to years of membership
    • Send Pioneer information (and ribbons) to potential members either prior to conference or as their leadership terms are ending
  • Assess relationship of mentoring initiative
    • Initiate efforts to focus on novice teachers, which will build on current conversations with CEC and CASE in determining mentoring needs. Place an article in CASE newsletter to assist with recruiting beginning teachers.
  • Continue additional professional services based on PD expertise
    • Consensus was strong that legacy is important. Assisting with the 2022 CEC 100th anniversary is a priority, including our work with the archives which the Pioneer Division has spearheaded. These include minutes from the first CEC meeting and a plethora of original artifacts and documents. June Jordan initiated work on the archives and Diane Johnson has continued this work. We will identify additional members to expand the Archives committee.


Romaine P. Mackie Leadership Award

Purpose: The Romaine P. Mackie Award is to honor an outstanding professional who has demonstrated leadership in CEC and other organizations for an extensive period of time in various areas within the field: service delivery, teacher education and professional development; research; policy; assessment; publications. The individual should be nominated by someone who is familiar with the nature and qualify of his/her work and who can speak to the nominee’s character.

Deadline for Applications is Friday, November 2nd, 2018
For more information contact:
Dr. Gloria Taradash,
Honors and Awards Committee Chair




Any person who has been a member of CEC for a period of at least fifteen (15) years, or has served as an officer of a CEC Division or state/provincial unit, or is a Past President of CEC shall qualify for membership.   All members of the Pioneers Division must hold concurrent membership in CEC.

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