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Upcoming CEC and Professional Development Opportunties

Register for the Annual SCCEC Conference Today!  Time is Running Out! Visit the Conference Tab for everything you need!

Columbia College is looking for a special education professor.  Position closes soon!  SPED position 2015 ad.oneyear.docx

If you are a SCCEC chapter that would like to advertise an upcoming event, please contact

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We Welcome Our Vendors to the SCCEC Conference!


SCCEC Professional Development Conference

Thanks to everyone for their work on the 2015 Leadership Training Institute.  To find out how you can stay more connected, view the following presentation.
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Save the date! The 2016 SCCEC Professional Development Conference will be held February 4-6, 2016.  Registration information is now available under the CONFERENCE tab.  SCCEC Save the Date 2015.pdf

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TED POSTER SESSIONS at the 2016 SCCEC Conference!

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The field of education, and specifically special education, is becoming increasingly difficult and complex. Now it is more important than ever to be connected to some of the best professionals in the field. CEC membership is the best way to have your voice as a special education teacher heard in the world. Click here for more information on the benefits of membership.