Message from the President

A Letter from Your TN-CEC President, Joan Grim

Joan Grim
As we move into a new year for TN-CEC I look forward to the challenges of leading Tennessee’s premier special education professional organization into 2018. Serving TN-CEC as the president–elect for two years helped me appreciate the demands of leading this amazing organization. First, I want to give a sincere thank-you to my visionary colleagues on the executive board, who without them, our goals for building TN-CEC into a unified organization could not have been accomplished. They are: Alex Da Fonte, Sally Barton-Arwood, Mari Beth Coleman, Amy Callender, Seth King, Luann Ley Davis, and Kim Moffett.  

This year my goal is to galvanize our state, regional, and local membership by building friendships. Participation is the key to building a community of special education advocates in TN. Together we will open opportunities to talk with each other about students and the effects of implementing high leverage practices (HLPs) in our schools. The more real our work seems, the more people will care about and be invested in TN Council for Exceptional Children.  
Joan Grim, B.S., M.S.
President TN-CEC
University of TN, Knoxville