Dear Special Educator, 

This is a survey from Trissa Nerowski, a doctoral student in Special Education with Northcentral University, seeking your input regarding reasons for fatigue, despair and thoughts of leaving the field.  The link below opens a brief explanation about the survey.  It is 100% anonymous as there are no identifiers that would connect you to your participation.  Please consider the survey.  Your input may help maintain great teachers in the field and improve our professional and personal well-being.  

In gratitude, 
Trissa Nerowski, Ed.S. Special Education
Doctoral Student, Northcentral University

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Dear Educator,

The University of Oklahoma, Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment and SRI International received grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences to develop a new transition assessment, Transition Assessment and Goal Generator – Alternate (TAGG-A), to assess skills and experiences students with significant cognitive disabilities (SWCD) need for life after high school. We are in the process of developing and revising items for this assessment.

We need educators, students, and parents to take the assessment, so we can determine which questions to remove or revise.

We need your help to develop this new assessment, which will also provide you the opportunity to earn a meaningful honorarium for your time. Please share this opportunity to participate in this study with other special educators who teach transition-age students with SWCD. Our goal is to recruit 50 student participants across the nation, their special educators, and parents to improve TAGG-A. Listed below are the required tasks.

Task Overview

Send information about the study home to the parents of your students.

Provide information about the study to your students.

Return signed consent and assent forms to the TAGG-A research team.  

Complete the online Student TAGG-A students with SWCD who obtained parent consent and consented or assented to the study:

  •   Complete TAGG-A Student Assessment

Complete TAGG-A Professional version online for each of your participating students:

  • Complete TAGG-A Professional Demographic section
  • Complete TAGG-A Professional Assessment
  • Complete TAGG-A Student Demographic section
  • Each assessment will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.
  • Work with families to facilitate completion of the TAGG-A Family Assessment and Demographic information.
  • If you are randomly selected, consider meeting with project staff for a site visit to observe administration of the TAGG-A Student Assessment and discuss with project staff your thoughts about the assessment.

If you are interested in participating as one of the professionals in this development process, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact our recruitment coordinator Lori Hodge at:


·       650-859-2571