Mary Turman Memorial Award

Mary B. Turman was dedicated to the work of the Virginia Federation CEC and to local chapter 271, Greater Richmond Area. We honor Mary and her outstanding work as a Virginia Special Educator with this grant award to Virginia educators.

Types of Projects Supported
Monetary grants (approximately $250.00) are made to individuals submitting proposals for a project or item that will serve the needs of students with disabilities from birth-21. In the past, educators have used these awards as a funding source to:

  • Develop and maintain an innovative parent-outreach program.
  • Assist in the development of technological aids for students with communication disabilities.
  • Purchase training materials related to a peer-mentoring program.

Mary Turman Memorial Award Application

Send nomination forms to:
Mary Turman Memorial Award
c/o Karen Zawora

Projects must contribute directly to the development and advancement of students. Grant applications to support the personal development of the applicant or for class materials typically supported by the district will not be considered.

Winners will be awarded their grant via mail. Both individual award winners will also be recognized at VA CEC’s annual conference. However, the grantee need not be present to win and no financial assistance can be provided to support the grantee’s participation in the conference. The winners of this grant will be expected to write a short article for the VA Federation Newsletter,The Declaration, to describe their project and how the Mary Turman Grant will be used to support their work.

Grant Proposal Process(the description and justification should not exceed 500 words)

  • Include name, address, e-mail, telephone (home & work), district name, name of district special education director (if you receive the grant, we will send a letter to the director).
  • Tell us about yourself – how long have you been teaching, what subjects do you teach, anything you would like us to know about you?
  • Description of your students/class/program/project, including grade level, disability, and nature of program/class/project.
  • Description and justification of need for monetary grant, including how your obtainment of this grant would impact upon students with disabilities and how you would use this grant.

For questions, please contact Karen Zawora via email: and/or phone: 540-729-7976.

Send Proposals to:
Virginia Mary Turman Award
c/o Karen Zawora •