Rising Star Award

The Virginia Federation of the Council for Exceptional Children established the Rising Star Award in 2009 to acknowledge the achievements of adults with disabilities; to overcome barriers caused by public misconceptions; to encourage children, youth, and adults with disabilities to seek their highest potential; and to increase public awareness of the abilities, aspirations, and personal qualities of people with disabilities. This award recognizes that youth and children with disabilities go on to become contributing adults and is designed to put extra emphasis on life-long learning, growth, and development. Each year adults with disabilities are recognized for their accomplishments through the Rising Star Award.

Nominations for the Rising Star Award will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Academics
  • Arts
  • Athletics (to include Motor Skills)
  • Community Service
  • Employment
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Independent Living Skills (to include Self-Care Skills) 

For questions, please contact Karen Zawora via email: kzawora@spotsyschools.us and/or phone: 540-729-7976.

Send nomination forms to:
Rising Star Award

c/o Karen Zawora • kzawora@spotsyschools.us