Yes I Can! Award


Yes I Can! Award Nomination Form

Send nomination forms to:
Virginia YES I CAN! Award
c/o Karen Zawora

The Foundation for Exceptional Children established the Yes I Can! Program in 1981 to acknowledge the achievements of children and youth with disabilities; to overcome barriers caused by disabilities or public misconceptions; to encourage children and youth with disabilities to seek their highest potential; and to increase public awareness of the abilities, aspirations, and personal qualities of disabled people. Each year children and youth with disabilities are recognized for their accomplishments through the international Yes I Can! Program. 


Nominees for the Yes I Can! Award Program will be recognized in one of the following categories:

  • Academics
  • Arts
  • Athletics (to include Motor Skills)
  • Community Service
  • Employment
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Independent Living Skills (to include Self-Care Skills) 


All nominees for the Yes I Can! award will receive a certificate of achievement.

To nominate candidates for the Virginia YES I CAN! Award, two nominators must complete the attached application form. That is, each applicant must be nominated by two people.

Nominees for the Yes I Can! Award Program must be 2-21 years old. Each nominee is eligible in only ONE category. Both nominators must select the same category or nomination will be considered incomplete by the Yes I Can! selection committee.   

Each nomination form must be individually completed and should provide specific information about the nominee. A form completed by one person and duplicated as the second form will not be accepted. One of the nominators should be other than a family member. Nominators should take care in completing the nomination form. The more complete and detailed the information, the better. For more information, check out website: or contact Karen Zawora via and/or phone: 540-729-7976.

Virginia Council for Exceptional Children will make state awards at our annual conference.

Send nomination forms to:
Virginia YES I CAN! Award

c/o Karen Zawora •

This material and the certificate are available in alternate format upon request.