Author Guidelines

 Virginia CEC Research to Practice: K-12 Scholarship Journal


The Virginia Council for Exceptional Children (VA CEC) Research to Practice: K-12 Scholarship Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes research-to-practice articles which incorporate the application of research and how that research applies to best practice in support of the K-12 population.

Author Guidelines

Editorial Board

Types of Manuscripts
Appropriate submissions include empirical research reports, literature reviews, practitioner articles, position papers, policy papers, or book reviews. All manuscripts must be research-based and provide clear implications and recommendations for practice.

Formatting Guidelines

Articles submitted for review should: 

  • Be 10 – 20 pages in length
  • Be double spaced
  • Have 1” margins
  • Be Times New Roman 12 pt. font
  • Be a Word.doc or .docx (no PDFs)
  • Include both research and practice content
  • Have numbered pages starting with the title page
  • Include a reference page
  • Follow American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition Guidelines
  • Page one should include:
     Running head (top left)
     Page number (top right)
     Article title
     Author name(s), highest degree, & affiliation(s)
     Submission date
     Address, phone, & e-mail of submitting author
  • Page two should include:
     Running head & page number
     No author(s)/affiliation(s)
  • Page three should include:
     Abstract (100 – 120 Words)
     Keywords (5-7 listed for search purposes)

Authors are responsible for verification of authenticity of all citations, tables, and figures and are responsible for obtaining written permission from original sources (include written permissions in appendices).

It is the author’s responsibility to obtain all necessary institutional permissions and informed consents/assents if data reported was collected from human subjects.

Cover Letter
Manuscript submission must include a 1 page cover letter affirming the following:

  • The manuscript is the author’s original work and all sources are properly cited.
  • This manuscript is not already published (in part or full) nor is it currently under review by any other publication.
  • Written permissions to use tables and figures from other sources have been obtained.
  • If data was collected from human subjects, proper institutional and individual permissions to publish the data were gained. 

Review Process
Manuscripts will go through an initial editorial review to ensure the guidelines stated above are met. If the guidelines are met and the manuscript has clear implications for practice it will enter a double-blind peer-review process.  Authors may be required to make revisions prior to publication as part of the review process and will have the opportunity to review their final article proof prior to publication. 


Lucinda Spaulding, Ph.D.
Liberty University

Sharon Pratt, Ed.D.
Indiana University Northwest

Peer Reviewers:
Roberta Gentry, Ph.D.
University of Mary Washington

Norah Hooper, Ph.D.
University of Mary Washington

Elizabeth Hunter, Ed.D.
Regent University

Hope Jordan, Ph.D.
Regent University

Deanna Keith, Ed.D.
Liberty University

I. Cinthia Lee, Ph.D.
Regent University

Sharon Lyles, Ed.S.
Mecklenburg County Public Schools

Roni-Meyers-Daub, Ed.D.
Norfolk Public Schools

Carole Ramser, M.Ed.
Doctoral Student

Carolyn Thompson, M.A.
Regent University

Lou Lloyd-Zannini, Ph.D.
Rhode Island College

Submit manuscript and cover letter electronically via email to: Lucinda Spaulding,